Newbie Guide: Pomch RO

If you're reading this guide, you're probably a lost little puppy trying to dig for more information to get along. But don't worry because if you continue reading, you will get to know some of the important information that will give you an edge compared to other players.

Pomch Manual

Every player that plays Pomch RO begins as a novice with a manual that they can use to help them along with their journey. They can be beneficial because they offer perks that only players in our server can enjoy.

  • - Pomch Buff - allows you to use Level 3 Blessing & Increase Agility for one minute.
  • - Pomch Jump - using a really cute animation, you will telport in a fashionably unique way back to our server's home town Amatsu. Doesn't have cooldown and its free butterfly wing.
  • - Pomch Reset - since this is a Revo Classic server, old casual people who are new to this setting are probably tinkering regarding stat allocation. In our server, if you're at a base level of 70 and below, then you have a privilege to reset your character for free. Expires on level 71.

Pomch Fruits

Seriously if you haven't seen a Pomch Fruit yet then you better start picking some up! They are free to pick from every cherry blossom tree that you will see in Amatsu. In every tree, there are about one to five Pomch Fruits that you can pick and you must wait for about three to five minutes before being able to pick one again from the same tree.

You will be teleported to a random location after clicking every twentieth tree.

Bounty Boards

Don't be scared! Grinding for levels in Pomch RO is not linear. You as a player have options and players around you have an initiative to level up together in a party. Using our bounty board allows you to have huge-chunks of experience points for every certain number of monsters killed. Important Note: you must be within 11x11 cell-range to acquire the kill-count bounty from your party.

What's the best thing about it? You level up faster if you do it with more players!

Dungeon Quest

Ever been in an event where the entire server community becomes a massive team? If you're into some activities like that then you should consider joining this regular event that happens every 21:00 server time in-game.

Basically what all of you would do is to clear dungeon levels in exchange of points for twenty minutes and at the end of that duration, everyone get to exchange those points for Level Coins which could use for various activities.

You can exchange these Level Coins for items such Field Manuals and headgears like Robo Eyes and Angel Spirit. More items are available in the Legacy Area.

Legacy Area: Level Coins & Legacy Coins

When the Dungeon Quest ends, you are immediately warped to a small treasure room to reap your Level Coin rewards as participant. Aftewards, you will be transported immediately to a place called Legacy Area. In this area you have so much options on how you want to spend your Level Coins. You can gamble it by playing the Slot Machines, you can purchase things from the Dungeon Quest Shops, or you can simply save it for future uses.

On the other hand, there is another coin called Legacy Coin which allows you to purchase other things that can also be bought by Level Coins except that this particular coin is acquired through donation means and its the only coin that can purchase exclusive costumes in our server.

Pomch RO Special Offers For Guild Migrations 23

Guild Migration Package

  • For each member:
  • - 1 Pomch Rucksack (Costume Greed Skill)
  • - 10 Pomch Strawberry Box (Level 10 Buffs)
  • - 100 Pomch Fruits (SP Regen)
  • - 1 Boarding Halter Box (7 Days)
  • - 1 Infinite Fly Wing (7 Days)
  • - 5 Battle Manuals
  • - 5 Bubblegum
  • - 5 Life Insurance


  • We only need to check three things:
  • 1. Must have at least four (4) members.
  • 2. Must have unique IP from each other.
  • 3. Must reach at least level 35 in-game.

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